Personal Safety - Gloves


Glove Cut Resistant – NI112 (3) BK-1

Nitrile Glove (GTF09C) - Tough and strength, high resistance to chemical, solvents, cuts...
Good for chemical industries, food processing, agriculture etc.

Rubber Gloves (MTF06C)- Natural rubber latex with cotton flocklined provides long lasting tensile strength and sensibility.
Good for household, cleaning, food industries etc.

PVC Gloves– VK5 EB

Disposable Nitrile Gloves (N102FT)- Latex free, prevent the risk of allergies

Also available: Welding Glove; Driver's Glove; Cotton Glove

Personal Safety - Ear Muffs

Protective Spectacles

Ear Plug (SE 1364)- Soft and thin pliable material with triple flange design, triple seal against harmful noise. {CE: EN352-2 ANSI S3.19}

Ear Muffs – SE1380/SE1344 {Certification: CE: EN352-1 ANSI S3.19}

Safety Helmet (SE1701)- P.P. or ABS shell, tough, lightweight, durable. Available with four-point or six-point adjustable suspension for shock-absorbing. {CE: EN397 ANSI Z89.1}

Safety Google SE1110

Clear Face Shield (SE374) Headgear with PP browguard eliminates forehead injury, complete with 8"X15-1/2" PC clear visor. Provides protection against particles, chemical splash, dust, heat and impact resistance. {CE: EN166 ANSI Z87.1}

Safety Harness – SE1844

Personal Safety - Vests

Rain Suit & Visibility Vest

PVC Polyester Rain Suit (SE6330)- Triple-layer rainsuit, made of heavy duty PVC coated on polyester heat-sealed seams offer 100% waterproof, excelent quality for any temperature, ideal for construction, industrial, etc.

Visibility Vest (SE2036/SE2035)- Breathable PU coating outer Nylon knitted lining with reflective strips at chest, shoulders and arms ensure the greatest visibility in bad weather, waterproof and wind proof.

Florescent yellow or flurescent red waistcoat with adjustable hook and loop closure. Good for street workers, public utilities, policeman, etc. {CE: EN471 class 2}.

Safety Harness

Safety Harness (SE1844)- Parachute type, with 45mm width nylon belt, 1.5m nylon rope, adjustable friction buckle leg starps to absorb shock from fall arrest, D-Ring allows maximum distribution of shock load.
Compliance: Full body Harness: CE-EN361
Lanyard: CE-EN354 Connector: CE-EN362