Tesnit BA-U

Technical details:

In case of 2mm material thickness

Squeezability ASTM F 36-J 8%
Spring back ASTM F 36-J 55%
Tensile strength DIN 52910 11 MPa
Pressure Stability
  • 16h, 300°C, 50 MPa
DIN 52913 22 MPa
  • 16h, 175°C, 50MPa
28 MPa
Gas flow DIN 3535-6 0,05 mg/(s.m)
Thickness Growth ASTM F 146
  • Oil IRM 903, 5h, 150°C
  • ASTM fuel B, 5h, 23°C
Maximum operating parameters *
Maximum temperature 350°C
Continuous temperature 250°C
  • Steam
Pressure 100 bar

* The maximum temperature and pressure data cannot be combined. The values given are only guidelines as they depend not only on the material of the seal but also on the conditions of the mounting. Most important factors are: sealant thickness, medium, flange type and surface pressure. Steam as a medium requires special attention.